Cheque Printing in Tally ERP 9, How to configure ?

Business Make payments to it’s suppliers or vendors through cheque or cash, e- banking like  NSFT, RTGS & IMPS .But still issuing paper cheque is  popular in business world.Electronic transfers are done within few hours which will not give much time for the business to arrange fund. Issuing a cheque will take some time to be presented and cleared.  When we make bank payment entry  to a supplier ; In normal case we take the print out of bank voucher for documentation and write a cheque by hand. But tally erp 9 provides you the option of cheque printing. Each bank has its own design and measurement for cheque as regulated by National payment corporation of India. But whatever may be the width and height ,we can configure cheque printing in tally erp 9 and can create systematic and standard payment mode to your company. In tally you can pre-define the dimensions of cheque by considering length width ,amount field etc. And can take the printout at the time of making bank payment entries from payment voucher or from cheque printing report.

printing reports.

Enabling Cheque Printing

To activate cheque printing in tally erp 9, as usual

Go to Gateway of Tally > F11: Accounting Features.

Enable Cheque Printing : Yes. You can see this is activated by default, However you should know where is this option located in tally erp 9.

Activation of cheque printing

This will activate cheque printing configuration in bank ledger. The configuration can be done when creating a new bank ledger or when editing an existing bank ledger 

Configuring in Bank Ledger

You can configure cheque printing in existing bank ledger or when creating a new ledger.

To alter an existing bank ledger go to

Gateway of tally> Accounting Info>Ledger >Alter

If you wish to configure cheque printing in a new bank ledger  create one 

Gateway of tally> Accounting Info>Ledger >Create

Cheque Printing configuration scenario/example

ABC Ltd have created a bank ledger called state bank of India,Now the company want to configure cheque  printing.

Gateway of tally> Accounting Info>Ledger >Alter

Select the ledger to be configured from the list of ledger.


List of ledgers for alteration

After Activation of cheque printing, you will find cheque related options in ledger alteration screen.

Bank configuration in bank ledger alteration

Cheque Books: Yes   You can set cheque book number as shown below.

Setting cheque book number

Hit enter key and save the screen, Now you are back to ledger alteration screen again.

Set Cheque Printing Configuration : Yes  here you can specify the exact position where the cheque book fields like name,amount ,a/c payye are to be printed with millimeter dimension. Keep a blank cheq and a scale to measure the length and width of each field.

Here is the cheque printing configuration screen from our above example, Fill the exact position of each field carefully .


Cheque printing configuration in tally

Copy Sample Format & other bank’s Cheque Configuration

You can import or copy a sample dimension from existing bank cheque configuration or tally provides you sample format of configuration.

Just Press Ctrl + C or use Copy From button at the top right corner of the configuration screen.

Copy from button of cheque configuration

You get a list of configured bank as displayed below. You will find two options

Sample Format: It is a pre-defined set of configuration by tally erp 9.

Another bank name : This is visible if you had previously configured a bank for cheque printing.


List of configured banks

Select which one you need and hit enter, A configuration automatically filled in the screen.

Sample or preview of cheque printing


After filling all details , You can see the preview of printing by pressing Alt+P short cut keys .

When you saving this screen , a sample cheque printing dialogue box will appear.

Sample cheque printing dialogue box


If you print this in a blank white paper of your cheque’s dimension ,You can check how will the fields are get printed on your original cheque.

Sample cheque leaf printing

Now the configuration is over. Now let’s check the next step .Press esc key to exit from come back to ledger alteration screen

Bank ledger alteration

Hit enter key and save the bank ledger screen.

Printing Cheques

To print the cheques, there are two options in tally

  1. Printing Cheque directly from Payment /contra voucher

Let’s do this with an example

01-08-2018 ABC Ltd pays Vishal traders 5000 and want to print cheque from tally.

Go to Gateway of Tally > Voucher Entry > F5: Payment

  • Debit the Vishal Traders Ledger, enter the amount and give the bill reference details, if any.

  • Credit the Bank Account for which the cheque printing is enabled, enter the amount and press Enter.

  • Bank Allocation screen appears.

  • Instrument No.: Type the cheque number in the field provided.

  • Instrument Date: The voucher date is displayed by default. Enter the required date, if any.

  • Cross Instrument Using: This is filled by the most common word used – A/c Payee, which is displayed by default. It can be changed as per requirement. ( If this option not found Use F12 Configure to activate this)

The filled Bank Allocation screen appears as shown:

  • Provide the narration and Accept the Voucher.

  • The Cheque Printing screen appears displaying the cheque details as shown:

Cheque printing dialogue box

  • Accept to print the cheque.

Printer Selection

Press S: Select Printer button to select the printer and the paper size. Select the paper size as A4.

For information on setting the orientation and dimensions for overall adjustment click here.

The Cheque Print preview appears as shown:

Printed cheque

Note: Cheque Printing feature is available only from the Payment and Contra vouchers.

  1. Cheque Printing From Cheque printing Reports

To Print a cheque from Cheque printing report go to

Gateway of Tally> Banking>Cheque Printing

To get all pending cheques to be printed Select All items

Or you can choose a particular bank  for example State Bank of India

Hit enter key, now you are in cheque printing report of state bank of india

Cheque printing report

How to add/edit favoring name for cheque printing?

From cheque printing report Click on F12 configure to get configuration screen. If Favouring name is not displayed in your report, activate from the configuration screen. By typing Yes to ‘Show Payment Favoring‘.

Cheque printing configuration

Save configuration by hitting enter key

Edit cheque details like favoring name, instrument number, instrument date

If you want to change the favoring name,Press  F7 or Edit Ch details  Buttons from cheque printing report. In the next screen you can edit the favoring name, cheque date,cheque number etc.

Change favoring name

You can change favoring name ,Instrument  number,Instrument date here.

Select the voucher to be printed, hit enter key, Continue to press enter Key until it display print configuration screen.

Note: If you use short cut key Alt+P, Firstly payment voucher printing screen will appear, Here you need to press Esc Key to get cheque printing configuration.


Cheque printing dialogue box


Use Alt+S to select a printer

Use Alt+N  for changing orientation of cheques

Put the cheque leaf in the printer as per you orientation,Finally hit enter key to get the cheque printed.


Cheque Printing in Tally ERP 9, How to configure ?
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