Budget created in Tally ERP 9, it does not appear in Trial Balance?

Budget Variance report can be viewed from the Trial Balance, Group Summary and Monthly Summary. The Budget Variance button (Alt+B) is active if the option Maintain budgets and controls is set to Yes in Accounting Features, and at least one budget is created.

To view Budget Variance in Trial Balance

1.     Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Trial Balance to view the Trial Balance screen.

Note: Budget Variance can also be viewed from the Group Summary. Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Account Books > Group Summary and select a group from List of Groups to display the Group Summary screen.

  Budgets in Tally ERP 9

2.     Click on Budget Variance (Alt+B) to display the Budget Analysis screen.

 Click on Budget Variance (Alt+B)

3.     Select the required budget from the list of budgets. The Trial Balance screen appears as shown below, which displays the columns of Budget, Actuals and Budget Variance.

Note : Use Column functionality to add/remove columns for Multi-period or Multi-budget Comparative Variance report.

Multi-budget Comparative Variance report.

Corporate Budget displays the values of the budget, which is already defined.

Actuals displays the values of Actual Expenditure incurred.

Corporate Budget Variance displays the values of the variance of the Actuals and the Budget, i.e., Budget – Actuals = Variance.

  Creating Budgets for Cost Centres

Note: If Budget Variance shows a negative value, then the actual expenditure has exceeded the budgeted value.

Budget created in Tally ERP 9, it does not appear in Trial Balance?
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