Altering Cost Categories in Multiple Mode

You can alter multiple Cost Categories at a time in this mode.

To alter Cost Categories in the multiple mode

Go to Gateway of Tally> Accounts Info.> Cost Categories > Alter (under Multiple Cost Categories)

The Multi Cost Category Alteration screen displays. Make the necessary changes and Accept to save.

 Multi Cost Category Alteration screen

Note: You will not be able to delete a Cost Category in multiple mode.

Buttons in Single Multiple Cost Category screens

F6: Skip names

It is used for quicker data entry when you need to alter only the Allocation details and not the names of the Cost Categories.

F8: Skip Details

It is used for faster data entry when you do not need to alter the Allocation (Revenue and Non- revenue) details. You need to give only the names and the default allocations of Yes for Revenue and No for Non-revenue display automatically when you are creating Cost Categories. If you are in Alter mode, the allocations that you opted for when creating the Categories are retained.

Groups, Ledgers, Cst Ctr

It enables you to switch to these areas, without having to quit from the current screen.

F11: Features

It is used to change company features.  For more information refer  F11: Features in Tally.ERP 9.

Note: F12: Configuration changes affect all companies, whereas F11: Features changes affect only the current company.

Altering Cost Categories in Multiple Mode
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