Create Group in Tally ERP9,edit,delete in single mode

In Tally ERP9, groups are the collection of ledger of same nature. Groups helps in a better reporting system hence a better business decision. Here is an example of Grouping Which helps in business reporting.

Understand grouping with example?

Noble Auto Agencies Ltd has a More than 200 Customers to manage, They are the dealer of Engine oil of 4 brands.

  • Shell
  • Servo
  • Castrol
  • Valvoline

And the customers of each products are handled by 4 different salesman.

Salesman may require something like following for the purpose of following up collections.

  • debtors list of servo alone.
  • Total Outstanding of shell customers.
  • Agewise report of valvoline customers.

A better reporting system can give these kind of MIS easily by creating group in Tally ERP9. like below based on group.

  • Debtors shell
  • Debtors Servo                                          Under Main Group
  • Debtors Castrol                                       Sundry Debtors
  • Debtors Valvoline

Example 2 of grouping

The management may require to know the total sales done for product with tax 5%, 12.5%,15% etc. creating sales group like below helps better taxation planning.

  • Sales 5 %
  • 12.5%
  • Sales 15%
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Under main group sales,

This grouping will help you to understand. Total sales amount on each category, Report printing for each category which will help in business analysis.

Create Group in Tally ERP9 Single Mode.

To create group in Tally ERP9.

Gateway of Tally>Accounts  Info>Groups>Create

Create group menu Tally ERP9

The group creation screen will look like this,

Group creation Menu in Tally erp9

Enter name of The group

Lets Take the first example of grouping debtors under  ‘Sundry debtors’

  • Debtors shell
  • Debtors Servo Under Main Group
  • Debtors Castrol Sundry Debtors
  • Debtors Valvoline

Lets create ‘ Debtors Shell’

  1. Name:  Type the name of group
  2. Alias: alias is the alternative name of group, you can access the ledger with both name if given.
  3. Under: This is the main group under which we are creating new group. Tally erp9 has 34 predefined groups. In our case it is Sundry Debtors.
  4. Groups behave like a sub-ledger :  By enabling this option you will get break up of main group in balance sheet. If set to no you will get summery only.
  5. Net Debit/Credit balance for reporting: Activating this option, you will get net balance in reports like trail balance, that is in a group there are ledgers with debit and credit balances, you will get net balance of ledgers either in debit or credit side,instead of showing  total of debit balance ledger at debit side and total of credit balance ledger at credit side.
  6. Used for calculation (eg. Taxes,Discounts) for sales invoice entry:  Enable if you want to use this group for tax,discount  calculation.
  7. Method to Allocate when used in purchase invoice:  Appropriation based quantity /value when used in purchase invoice, if required choose from either options.
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Single group creation screen filled with all details

Press enter and save.

How to view group in Tally ERP9?

For viewing created group.

Go to Gateway of Tally>Accounts Info>Groups>Display

Begin Typing  the name of group to view

Select group for viewing

Select the group name and press enter.

You can view the details of group but no modification can be done from this screen.

Group view screen

How to edit group in Tally ERP9?

To edit a group

Go to

Gateway of Tally>Accounts Info>Group>Alter

Select the group you want to modify or edit

Make necessary changes in the group name or other options ,then press enter and save. In our example i have made small changes in the name and added word ‘lubes’ with name.

Group Editing screen

How to delete a group in Tally ERP9?

To delete a group in Tally ERP9, Before deleting, you must ensure that no ledger have been created under that group. If created you cannot delete the group. You have to remove that ledger first.

Go to Gateway of Tally>Accounts info>Group>Alter

Select the group you want to delete.

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Press Alt + D, or click on Delete button below

Tally ERP9 will ask a confirmation message to delete.

Group deletion confirmation message

Press Enter Key or Y from key board. The group will have deleted.

Now you have learned how to create group, view group, edit group and delete group in Tally ERP9.

Create Group in Tally ERP9,edit,delete in single mode
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