Creating Ledgers in Normal Mode

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You can create ledger in normal mode and advance mode in tally erp 9. Normal mode or simple mode ledger creation refers to the ledger creation with minimal options. Where as advance ledger creation refers to ledger with many options like multi currency, bill-wise details, Cost centres interest calculation etc.

Each and every company in tally is having plenty of options in F11 Features and F12 Configuration options.If you activated many options from these two settings. The ledger creation screen shows more options turned as advance ledger creation where as if you did’t activated any options or a few options then the ledger creation screen become normal mode.

How to create a ledger in normal mode?

To create single ledger in normal mode

  1. Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounts Info. > Ledgers > Create (Single Ledger)

The Ledger Creation screen displays as shown below:

If your screen looks different, then go to F12 Configure and set all options No except alias. If you have changed the F12 Configuration for other company the same setting will apply for other company also. F12 Configure option is common for all companies created in tally, Where as F11 Features is company specific that is for activating options in F11 Features, You have to change it for each company.

Ledger creation normal mode


  1. In name field enter the name of the ledger ,for example Furniture. You cannot enter the same name again. Tall will warn you as duplicate.

  2. Alias : This is the second name of a ledger or you can use this option for coding of ledger. The both name can be used for access the ledger.

  3. Under: Select appropriate group  from the List of Groups.

Note: If  desired group is not existing in the list,you can create a new group from this field by pressing ALT + C.

You can alter a ledger account to change its group classification at any time. See Importance of Grouping and Accounting Classifications for more details.

  1. And finally Enter the Opening Balance. Normally opening balance is available only for Assets and liability ledgers. If you are moving from another software to tally or manual accounting to tally erp 9; then you will have opening balance for all ledgers.

Note: For an existing company,debit balances for assets and credit balances for liabilities are applicable. You can enter balances for accounts that have obverse balances such as revenue accounts. For example, you may have transferred your books to Tally.ERP 9 in the middle of the year and may not have closed them in your earlier system. Hence, you must specify debit or credit for the balance.

Creating Ledgers in Normal Mode
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