How to Create Single Ledger,Multiple Ledgers in Tally ERP 9

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We know how to create ledger in tally erp 9 with our earlier tutorials. Here we will learn what is single ledger creation and multiple ledger creation. As we know tally give us plenty of options for fulfilling the requirement of various business needs and making it user friendly and to speed up the work flow of an accounting department.

For Ledger creation also tally gives us multiple options

  1. Creating a Single Ledger
  2. Creating Multiple Ledgers

Creating a Single Ledger with single mode

You can create single ledger with single mode ledger creation screen. This options allows you to create one ledger at a time. This option is suitable for small business organisation with less number of ledgers,

Advantage of Single Ledger creation

Single ledger creation option will provide you all the ledger creation screen option like Maintain balances bill by bill ,Mailing details, Tax registration details etc. In multiple mode this options are not available.

By default ,After installing tally will open with two ledgers called

  • Cash ledger

  • Profit and loss account ledger

Unlimited cash account can be created with various names Like Petty cash under group Cash-In-Hand. But only one profit & loss can be created in tally and its under group cannot be changed as it is set to Primary.

How to create a single ledger?

This is normal Ledgers creation mode , ledgers can also be created in in Advance mode.

Lets create a ledger for travelling expense in single mode.

Go  to Gateway of Tally > Accounts Info > Ledgers > Create

Fill up the ledger creation screen as instructed below.

Name: Travelling expense as we are creating a ledger for travelling spending of a company.

(ailias): This is the alternative name for the ledger or we can understand it as a nick name of a person, in the same way the nick name to identify the ledger, in this example we can put the nick name ‘TA’. When selecting the report of the travelling expense to print the ledger, you can use this name in the search box ,but only the original name is displayed and printed. This secondary name is not at all mandatory for the creation of ledger but it helps for in situations like adding code number for a ledger.

Under: Travelling expense is an Indirect Expense, select indirect expense as group for this ledger.

Inventory values are affected : Whether the ledger values are anyway affected inventory / stock item or not this is the question. Here travelling expense is nothing related to stock you can put No here. But in some case you will have to adjust the amount with stock item, for example when you purchase STATIONERY item some company may want to keep the stock of each items. In such case you can put Yes here. Whenever you create a voucher with this ledger Tally erp 9 will ask you to allocate inventory with inventory allocation screen.

Provide bank details: This is specifically useful for party ledger, nothing to do with expense ledger generally.Put NO here.

Opening balnce : Enter opening balance if any. Look at the screen shot for single ledger creation.

Ledger creation single mode

Press enter and accept the screen to create travelling expense ledger in single mode.

Creating Multiple Ledgers

Creating multiple ledgers  is a useful feature for organisations with numerous number of  customers. By using this option you can create unlimited number of ledgers in a single ledger creation screen. By using this option

  1. You can create unlimited ledgers under various groups in a single screen
  2. You can create unlimited ledgers under a single group

Create multiple ledgers under various group

Let’s create the following ledger under various group

Ledger Name Group Falls Under
Depreciation Indirect Expense
Sales Sales Account
Building Fixed Asset
Wages Payable Provision
Factory Lighting Direct Expense
Customer A Sundry Debtors

To create multiple ledger go to

Go to Gateway of Tally>Accounts Info. > Ledgers > Create (Multiple Ledgers)

Under Group :  Here you have to select All items ( Press Alt +C to create new group from here)

Name of ledger : Select the name of the ledger.

Under : Select the ledger group falls under as shown in the image

Opening balance : Enter opening balance if any.


The Multi Ledger Creation screen is displayed as shown below:

multiple ledger creation for multiple group

When you enter opening balance of sundry debtors and sundry creditors, the bill wise details will be appeared and you can enter the bill details of the opening balance. ( only if you maintain balances bill-by-bill,

Select the Dr for Debit and Cr for credit balance if you are entering opening balance.


Note: While creating multiple ledgers, the field Cost Centres is set to Yes for revenue accounts and No for non-revenue accounts. The field inventory values affected is set to Yes for sales and purchase accounts and No for the others by default.

Create multiple ledgers under a single group

Lets consider the below example.

Ledger Name Group Falls Under
Legal charges Indirect Expense
Bad Debts Indirect Expense
Loss by fire Indirect Expense
Advertising Indirect Expense
Courier Charges Indirect Expense
Audit  Fee Indirect Expense

Here you can select  Under Group as Indirect expense, You don’t need to select the  group each time, see the image below. The group is automatically selected.

Multiple Ledger group under single group


How to Create Single Ledger,Multiple Ledgers in Tally ERP 9
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