Creating Ledgers,Single Ledger,Multiple Ledgers

Creating a Single Ledger

Creating Multiple Ledgers

Debtor/Creditor Classification

Creating a Single Ledger

You can create:

  • Cash ledger

  • Profit and loss account ledger

Note: Any number of cash accounts can be created in any other name. For example: petty cash. But only one profit and loss account can be created.

To create a single ledger

  1. Go  to Gateway of Tally > Accounts Info > Ledgers > Create

Ledgers can be created in Normal mode or in Advance mode.

Creating Multiple Ledgers

You can create multiple ledgers at a time.

To create multiple ledgers

  1. Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounts Info. > Ledgers > Create (Multiple Ledgers)

The Multi Ledger Creation screen is displayed as shown below:


  Multiple Group in Tally ERP –Create,Edit.
  1. Select the group the List of Groups under which you want to create the ledgers. Selecting All Items in Under Group field lets you select multiple groups.

Note: You can create a new group from this field by pressing Alt+C.

  1. Enter the Opening Balance (balance remaining when you first entered your books on Tally.ERP 9). If you maintain balances bill-by-bill, enter bill details. See Creating a Ledger- Advanced Usage for more details.

  1. Select Dr/Cr for the opening balance to specify debit or credit respectively.

  Creating Expenses and Income Ledgers

Note: While creating multiple ledgers, the field Cost Centres is set to Yes for revenue accounts and No for non-revenue accounts. The field inventory values affected is set to Yes for sales and purchase accounts and No for the others by default.

Debtor/Creditor Classification

For information on debtor and creditor classification, see Classifying Debtor/Creditor.

Creating Ledgers,Single Ledger,Multiple Ledgers
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