How To change your Tally.NET password ?

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To change the password of your Tally.NET password, follow the procedure below.


From the Company Info Menu or Gateway of Tally, Login to Control Centre (Ctrl + K) >

  1. Select Change Password (Alt + P) >
  2. Enter the Old Password,
  3. the New Password and
  4. Repeat New Password in the respective fields
  5. Accept


From the Company Info Menu or Gateway of Tally, Click on Ctrl + K: Control Centre or press Ctrl + K
The login as Remote Tally.NET User screen is displayed.

  • Enter your Account ID in the Your E-Mail ID field
  • Password in Your Tally.NET Password field,
  • Press EnterLogin as a remote user
  • The Control Centre screen appears
  • Select P: Change Password or press Alt + P

Control center

  • The Change My Password screen appears with the Username
  • Enter the current password in Old Password field.
  • Enter the new password in New Password field.
  • Repeat the new password in Repeat field for the purpose of confirmation.

How to change Tally.NET Password

  • Accept to change the password.
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