While loading Company it is asking for Migrate Yes or No.

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This is another question asked by from Brijesh from Patiala.  We thought had a post on it because we had one more question about data migration in Tally Multi user from Rahul sharma from Maharashtra.

While loading company it is asking for Migrate Yes or No?

This is causing because You might have upgraded your old Tally ERP9 to another Release.

Or You might have copied data from some other computer having a different version of Tally ERP9, and you are having a new version or a different version of Tally ERP9.

In both cases Tally ERP9 will do the migration without any hassle. Just Press Yes and allow Tally to do the rest for you.

We are working on Tally Multi user Edition, When I load and use Tally ERP9 from different computers it always asks Migrate ? Why is this happening?

We had some research on the issue, and found the reason.You are using Tally ERP9 for sure in your all computers, but make sure that in all computers are having similar release of Tally ERP9.

The problem caused because in one computer You Tally ERP9 Version might be  Tally.ERP 9 Series A Release 4.51,and another computer uses an older version  Tally.ERP 9 Series A Release 3.7

In such case if you work from first computer, then after the same company is opening from another will cause REWRITING or MIGRATION of company.

How to check the Version of Tally?

The Tally Version details are available in Tally ERP9 Info panel at the left bottom of the software.


Another option is to find out the Tally ERP9 Version Detail is .

Use Alt + Crtl+B from gateway of Tally. You will get a message in Tally ERP9 Calculator

Version details in calculator

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