Creating Employees (Payroll) in Tally ERP 9

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The Employee Master in Tally.ERP 9 can be used record all employee related information. In addition to general information, you can also enter Payment, Statutory, Expat and Contract details of employees. To enter Statutory related information in the Employee Master, enable the option Show Statutory Details in the Payroll Configurations screen.

Creating Single Employee

To create an Employee under the Employee group

  1. Go to Gateway of Tally > Payroll Info. > Employees > Create (under Single Employee).

Create Single Employee

  1. Enter the Name of the employee. By default, the system displays the same value in the Display name in reports as.

  1. Modify the Display name in reports as, if required.

  1. Select the Employee Group in the field Under.

  2. Enter the Date of joining.

Note: The Date of resignation/retirement option is available only on the Employee Alteration screen. After you enter the Date of resignation/retirement, you  can also select a Reason for leaving.

  1. Set the Define salary details? option to Yes, and press Enter to open Salary Details Creation screen.

In the Salary Details Creation screen, you can specify salary details of an employee. The Salary Details Creation screen appears as shown below:

Salary Details Creation screen

In the Effective From date field, the Date of joining appears by default. You cannot alter the Effective From date.

  1. Select the relevant Pay Heads from the List of Pay Heads under the Pay Head column, and enter values for the required pay heads.

  2. Define the salary structure, and press Enter to navigate to the Employee Creation screen.

Note: This option will be available only if the option Add NOTES for Employees is enabled in the Employee Configuration screen.

  1. Enter remarks, if any, in the Notes field.

  2. Enter the employee General Information, employee’s Bank Details for salary processing, Payment Details, Statutory Details, Passport & Visa Details and Contract Details.


1. Date of Birth is the basis to determine if the Employee is a senior citizen while Gender is used to arrive at the correct Income Tax computation (based on the slab).

2. In Statutory Details, you must enter the EPS Account Number, PF Account Number and ESI Number.. This information is required for printing Employee Count (No. of Employees) in the PF & ESI Challans and other Statutory Reports.

3. To update the Permanent Retirement Account Number (PRAN) of the employees covered under the National Pension Scheme (NPS), enable the Applicable for NPS? option and specify the PRAN in the PR Account Number field.


  1. Click Accept to save.

Note: For International Companies, only Income Tax Number option is available under Statutory Details.

For UAE, only Labour Card Number,  Emirates ID number and Emirates ID expiry date options is available under Statutory Details.

You can configure the salary structure using the Salary Details screen.

Employee Configuration

  1. Press F12 key or click F12: Configure to change the default display for the Employee Creation screen.

Employee Configuration

  1. Set the option Allow ALIASES along with the Names to Yes to add aliases for the employee.

  2. Set the option Allow Language ALIASES along with Names to Yes to add the aliases in other languages as selected (only while using Multilingual feature)

  3. Set the option Add NOTES for Employees to Yes to add notes or remarks for an employee.

  4. Set the option Show Statutory Details to Yes to enter the PAN, PF, PR, EPS Account Number, the Date of Joining and Relieving.

  5. Set the option Show Passport & Visa Details to Yes to enter the passport and visa details of the employee.

  6. Set the option Show Contract Details to Yes, and enter contract details such as Work Permit Number, Contract Start Date and End Date.

  7. Set the option Show Employee Display Name to Yes, to print a different name for an employee while printing reports. This option is useful the same name is shared by a number of employees.

Creating Multiple Employees

To create multiple Employees,

  1. Go to Gateway of Tally > Payroll Info. > Employees > Create (under Multiple Employees).

  2. Select the employee group under which you want to create all the employees, in the Under Employee Group field,. If an independent employee is to be created, select All Items in this field.

  3. Select the employee category in which you want to add the group, in the Category field. The default category Primary Cost Category appears selected in this field.

  4. Specify the name of the employee in the Employee Name field.

  5. Select the employee group into which you want to add the employee in the Under field.

  6. Enter the joining date of the employees in the Date of Joining field.

The Multi Employee Creation screen appears, as shown below, displaying the details of employees you added.

Multi Employee Creation screen

Creating Employees (Payroll) in Tally ERP 9
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