Shortcut Key in Tally ERP 9, Chart

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Tally erp 9 is the one of the best accounting software for all types of business ever.The accounting software is developed numerous shortcut keys to make the software user friendly and for fast data entry. In tally erp 9 there are four types of shortcut keys they are.

Hot keys for easy menu navigation

These are the most useful shortcut keys for menu navigation. Hot keys are single alphabetic keys to access menu in tally. For example to view a ledger account. from the gate way of tally  Press D then A then L. You can do it quickly, The beauty is you don’t need to select menu instead just hit hot keys. You will be navigated to the desired menu option.

How to find out Hot keys your self?

You can find out the hot keys of each menu without any difficulty. Let’s take the above example ledger report.

Go to gateway of tally menu navigate to Display,you will find the D in Display is changed to red color. This the hot key for Display menu.

Hot keys for Display menu navigation


Hot key for account book menu


Ledger menu hot keys


You will landed to the List of ledgers from which you can choose and view a ledger.

List of ledger

This is very simple process of navigation if you memorize each hot keys.

Single Keys shortcuts

Single keys shortcuts are the single Function  keys used operate the various functions of tally erp 9.  For example

  • F1 to select company
  • F2 To Change Date
  • F3 To access company info menu.

Multiple  Key Combination shortcut Keys

Multiple key combination shortcuts are the shortcut keys which are the combination of more than one keys. Like Ctrl, Alt, Shift, Alphabets, Numbers etc.For example

  1. Alt+2 To duplicate a voucher.
  2. Ctrl+R To repeat the narration in the same voucher type.
  3. Ctrl+Alt+R To rewrite the company.

You  have to use all these keys together to get this shortcut keys activated.

Shortcut keys in tally erp 9


Voucher Types and Shortcut Keys


Company specific shortcut keys

These are company specific keyboard shortcut keys. This help you in the operation of tally  like opening, to closing, to altering, to deleting of a company.

Shortcut Key in Tally ERP 9, Chart
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