How to enter sales of mixed supply under gst in tally erp 9?

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Mixed supply is a kind of bundled sale similar to composite supply.Mixed supply contains more than one taxable items;but here it is not a natural bundle. That is products or services may not necessitate each other. For example a Stationery retailer selling school items as School Kit contains. Ruler,Erasers,Pencils box, Pen set,Pencil Set,Back pack. For a buyer there is nothing if did’t buy all these items together each item has its own use and no items depends on other.This supply Priced one and taxed one. The tax rate of the kit is charged the rate of items which attract highest tax rate.

Where as a composite supply is related products or supply or its combination. For example Car sold to dealer by manufacturer along with transportation to dealer’s place. Here Car and transporting is related to each other.

How to record sale of Mixed Supply in tally erp 9

Let’s take the example of a whole seller who sells IPL Snacks Bonanza bundle with the Items Lays 52 gm, Bhuja 350 g and Coca Cola 2 L.

To record sale of the mixed supply we need to create the following in tally erp 9.

  1. Stock Unit creation Bundle
  2. Stock item for bundle of item
  3. Party ledger  ( learn through this link and create yourself )
  4. sales ledger ( learn through this link and create yourself )
  5. GST tax ledger, CGST & SGST or IGST ( learn through this link and create yourself )

Let’s see how to do each one

Create Bundle as unit

Go to Gateway of Tally> Inventory Info>Units of Measure > Create


Create Stock item for mixed supply

To create mixed supply stock item, you should create all three  item Lays 52 gm, Bhuja 350 g and Coca Cola 2 L with applicable gst rate as usual.

Know how to create stock item 

Now create One more stock item called IPL Snack Bonanza

Go to Gateway of Tally > Inventory Info > Stock item > Create

Press F12 Configuration  button, you will get Stock Item Configuration screen, Enable the following option.

Enable Component List details ( Bill of Materials ) : Yes

Now create Stock item IPL Snack Bonanza

Mixed supply stock item creation

Enable option Set components ( BOM) : Yes

Enter the Name of BOM ,Let’s name it SNACK KIT

Unit of Manufacture : 1 ( Just type figure only the unit will display automatically)

In the BOM List select the name of items in the bundle as shown in the figure below

BOM Creation for mixed supply item

Press enter and save  Now you are back to stock item creation screen

GST Applicable : Yes

Set/alter GST Details: Yes

In the GST details screen enter the HSN Code  & Tax rate of highest rated item in the bundle.

gst rate and hsn code

Press enter and save.

Transfer stock from Individual items to bundle stock for mixed supply

Now we want to make or manufacturer  bundle as  new item IPL Snack Bonanza  from existing three items Lays 52 gm, Bhuja 350 g and Coca Cola 2 L.  When creating one bundle of IPL Snack Bonanza , The stock item of IPL Snack Bonanza Increased by one and stock item of individual items shall be reduced by one.Let’s see how to do this.

Lets check the stock item before doing transferring to new bundle

Go to Gateway of Tally >Stock Summary

Stock summary

Create Stock journal voucher type as Manufacturing journal

Go to Gateway of Tally > Inventory Info. > Voucher Type > Create .

Name: Let’s name it ‘bundle transfer’.

Select type of voucher: Stock Journal

Use as manufacturing Journal :Yes

Stock transferring stock journal

Press enter & save.

Transfer items to bundled unit using newly created stock journal

To transfer items to bundle

Gateway of Tally > Inventory Vouchers > Press Alt + F7 or click on stock journal button at the right side.

select the stock journal

Select the newly created stock journal ‘Bundle Transfer’

Name of the product : IPL Snack Bonanza

Qty: 100 , lets create 100 bundle now 🙂

Now in the left coulmn ( component consumption) :  name of the item rate automatically selected.

manufacturing journal for mixed supply

Save the voucher.

Now lets see the stock summary after transferring 

You will find a new stock of IPL Snack Bonanza has come in the list at the same time the stock of BHUJA,COCO COLA and LAYS has reduced.

How to enter sales voucher of mixed supply

Now IPL snack bonanza bundle stock are ready to sell, the effective cost is 130/ bundle as per our above example and the whole seller is selling the item with Rs 20 margin 150 + GST 28 %.Let’s record these items.

To record the sales of a mixed supply

Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounting Vouchers > F8: Sales.

Select the party A/c Name: Anad traders

Select the sales ledger

Select the item IPL Snack bonanza

Select Applicable GST tax ledger, SGST & CGST for local sale & IGST for interstate sale

Mixed supply sale voucher


press enter and save the screen.

Invoice of Mixed supply

If you want to print the invoice,just press alt+p from the sales voucher or click on the print button.

How to enter sales of mixed supply under gst in tally erp 9?
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