How to use Remote Acess in Tally.ERP 9?

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TSS is a default feature available in the product and provides a host of capabilities, such as Unlimited Remote Access, Unlimited Data Synchronization, Manage Sites/Users through Control Centre, Online help, support from within Tally or the browser, Support Centre to post your product related queries and get solution to the queries raised, Remote Edit and SMS Services.

The user in order to access Tally.ERP 9 remotely needs to perform the following steps:

  • Create Tally.NET User
  • Authorize Tally.NET User
  • Connect Company to Tally.NET Server
  • Remote Login

The following are the steps in detail:

  • Ensure that the Security Control is enabled in the Company Creation/Alteration screen.

Security Control is enabled in the Company Creation/Alteration screen

Step: 1 – Create Tally.NET User (Remote User)

  • From Gateway of Tally or Company Info screen press Ctrl + K

Login As Remote Tally.NET User window appears

Login As Remote Tally.NET User

  • Enter the account administrator E-Mail ID and Password to the Control Centre

The Control Centre screen appears

  • Select My Tally.NET Accounts and press Enter

Control Centre screen

The My Tally.NET Accounts screen appears as shown:

My Tally.NET Accounts screen

  • Select the required Account ID and press Enter 

The Control Centre screen for the selected Account ID appears 

 Control Centre screen for the selected Account ID

  • Select User Management

Select User Management

  • Select the required Security Level from the Security Level displayed.
  • Enter the E-Mail ID of the user to whom remote access is required
  • Set the option Tally.Net user to Yes
  • By default, the Status is set to Active 


  • You can set the Status to In-active for the existing users
  • Only one active Tally.NET is allowed for Single User edition and a Maximum of ten active Tally.NET users are allowed for a Multi User edition.

Step: 2 – Authorize Tally.NET User

  • Go to Gateway of Tally > press Alt+F3 > Security Control > Users and Passwords

The List of Users for Company screen appears:

  • Enter the E-Mail ID of the user
  • Set Yes to Allow Remote Access
  • By default, Allow Local TDLs is set to No. Based on the requirement, set this option to Yes to allow the remote user to access/use local TDLs, if any.
  • Enter the Mobile Number of the remote user.

Users and Passwords

Step: 3 – Connect Company to Tally.NET Server

  • Go to Gateway of Tally >  Press F4 or click F4:Connect

Gateway of Tally > Press F4 or click F4:Connect

  • On successful connection, a message Company connected successfully is displayed in the Calculator Pane as shown.

Company connected successfully

Step: 4 – Remote Login

Scenario 1: Educational mode

  • Start Tally.ERP 9 at the remote location

The Startup screen appears

  • Select Login as Remote Tally.NET User

Login as Remote Tally.NET User

Scenario 2: Licensed mode

The Company Info menu appears

  • Select Login as Remote User

Login as Remote User

Note: In case the company is pre-loaded during startup, click F1: Shut Company, select Login as Remote User from the Company Info menu

  • The Login As Remote Tally.NET User screen appears:
    • Enter your E-Mail ID in the Your E-Mail ID field.
    • Enter the password in Your Tally.NET Password field

Your Tally.NET Password

  • Press Enter

The Select Remote Company screen appears displaying the list of remote companies available for remote user

Select Remote Company screen

[Note: The companies authorized for the Tally.NET user but not connected to Tally.NET are displayed under Offline Companies]

  • Select the required company from the List of Remote Companies
  • Press Enter

The selected company is available to the remote user for access or audit depending on the type of license

The Gateway of Tally screen displays My Remote ID and My Remote Login Time under Remote User Details. The Remote Serial number is displayed under the license block of the information panel.

Remote Serial number

How to use Remote Acess in Tally.ERP 9?
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