How to Create a POS Invoice

A POS invoice is generally used to record the details of cash or credit sales.

To create a POS invoice

1.     Go to Gateway of Tally > Inventory Info. > Voucher Types > Create to view the Voucher Type Creation screen.

2.     Enter POS Invoice as the Name.

3.     Set Sales as the Type of Voucher.

4.     Set the Method of Voucher Numbering to Automatic.

5.     Set Use for POS Invoicing? to Yes.

Note: The Use for POS Invoicing? option will appear only when the Default Tax Unit is set to Not Applicable.

6.     Enter Print Message 1 and Print Message 2, as required. You can enter any custom messages (such as “Thank You” or “Visit Again”), which will be printed at the bottom of the POS invoice.

7.     Enter the Default Print Title, as required.

The Voucher Type Creation screen appears as shown below:


8.     Press Enter to save.

To record a POS transaction

1.     Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounting Vouchers > F8: Sales to view the Change Voucher Type screen.

2.     Select POS Invoice as the Voucher type.

3.     Select the Godown, as required.

4.     Select the Party’s A/c Name, as required.

5.     Select the Sales Ledger, as required.

6.     Select the Name of Item or create a new stock item.

  How to view POS(Point of sale) Invocie

7.     Set the Rate of the item, as required.

8.     Select VAT/Tax ledger from the list of Ledger Accounts.

9.     Click F12: Configure to set the POS Invoice Configuration, as required.

The Accounting Voucher Creation screen appears as shown below:


10.  Press Enter to save.

POS Invoice Configurations


Accept Supplementary Details?: Set this option to Yes to record the buyer’s details in the VCH POS Party Contact screen.

Display Quantity Godown-wise?: Set this option to Yes to display stock items available in the selected godown.

Use Additional Description(s) for Item Name?: If this option is enabled, the Description of Item screen will appear on selecting a stock item. You can enter additional details for the stock item during voucher entry.

Skip Qty field during POS Invoicing (faster entry!)?: On enabling this option, the cursor skips the Quantity field. By default, one unit of the stock item will be invoiced.

Allow modification of Rate field during POS Invoicing?: The rates are automatically picked as per the standard rates defined in the stock item master or the Price List. However, you can change the rate during entry by setting this option to Yes.

Allow Party Details in POS Invoice?: By setting this option to Yes, you can select the customer ledger. If you do not want to create a separate ledger for the buyer, and still would like to print the customer’s name in the invoice, select Not Applicable from the List of Ledger Accounts, and enter the buyer’s details.

Display Quantity Godown-wise?: On enabling this option, the quantity of stock items available in the selected godown will be displayed. When the stock item is selected, Qty Avl in Godown andTotal Qty Avl are displayed in the List of Stock Items.

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Calculate Tax on current Sub-Total?: On enabling this option, tax will be calculated on the amount inclusive of discount and other additional ledgers. If this option is disabled, then tax will be calculated on the value of the inventory.

Allow modification of All fields during entry?: If this option is enabled, all fields in the POS invoice can be edited.

Allow selection of VAT/Tax Class during entry?: On enabling this option, the VAT/Tax Class will appear in the POS invoice. The Nature of Transaction can be selected in this field.

Warn on Mismatch in VAT Rates?: If this option is enabled, a warning message will appear when there is a mismatch in the VAT rates.

Honor Expiry Dates usage for Batches?: Enabling this option will restrict the selection of expired batches of stock items while recording the invoice.

  Creating a POS Invoice with Batch-wise Details

Show Batches with Zero Quantity?: On enabling this option, batches with zero quantity of stock item will be available for selection during voucher entry.

How to Create a POS Invoice
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