How to view POS(Point of sale) Invocie

POS Register lists all transactions made over a particular day and by default displays the last invoice entry date of a POS invoice. Each POS Invoice is further drilled down to obtain the lowest level of information.

It could also be set to list all the transactions made over a period. Press F2: Period on the button bar or press the keys Alt+F2.

To view the list of POS Invoice Statement:

Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Accounts Books > POS Register

Point o sale register

Note: POS Register option will appear, only if the option Use for POS Invoicing is activated in Voucher Type and at least one entry is made.

  Creating a POS Invoice using Voucher Class

Press ALT+F1 or click on F1: Detailed button to view the POS Invoice in detailed format with all the tax details.


Press F12 key or click on F12: Configure button.


Set Show Inventory Details also to Yes and view the List of All POS Vouchers with Inventory details.


View Columnar

F5: Columnar: This button allows you to select different columns for the report. For additional information refer to Columnar Sales Register.

  Creating a POS Invoice with Multi-Mode Payment

Extract of Columnar

F6: Extract: Provides you with a break down of the POS Invoice vouchers and groups them to provide totals for each group and ledger used in all POS Invoice for that particular date.

How to print

Click on the Print button or press ALT+P to view the POS Register in print preview mode. Press ALT+Z to zoom the print preview screen.

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