Purchase Entry for Expenses/Fixed Assets in Tally ERP 9

In the normal scenario when a Purchase voucher is entered, only the Ledgers created under Purchase Accounts are displayed for selection.  In certain cases if the user would like to pass the Expenses incurred or Fixed Assets purchase through a Purchase voucher which are normally entered using Journal voucher, the same is possible by enabling the option Allow Expenses/Fixed Assets in Purchase Vouchers in F12: Configure ( Voucher Entry Configuration) in voucher mode.

 F12: Configure ( Voucher Entry Configuration)

For Example:  Pass a purchase entry towards purchase of Computers from Supplier A.

1) Debit Computer Account (Grouped under Fixed Assets).

  Using Additional Cost of Purchase in Tally ERP 9

2) Credit Supplier A Account.

expense Purchase entry


1. On enabling Allow Expenses / Fixed Assets in Purchase vouchers in Invoice mode the Fixed Asset and Expense ledgers appear for Accounting Allocation for items.

2. The Current Asset ledgers appear by default. In voucher mode the Current Asset ledgers appear after the Dr and Cr from the 3rd line. In invoice mode the same appears as additional ledgers.

Purchase Entry for Expenses/Fixed Assets in Tally ERP 9
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7 thoughts on “Purchase Entry for Expenses/Fixed Assets in Tally ERP 9

  1. We have purchase foreign currency for our employee, who is travelling to outside India. We trying to debit this amount to his accounts but in tally loans and advances account not accepting. Please suggest….

  2. M. Chandan Subudhi · Edit

    If in credit then pass entry In journal. Voucher or if in cash then in payment voucher
    Dr . Aseet A/c.
    Dr. CGST A/c.
    Dr. SGST A/c.
    Cr. Seller A/c. Or Bank a/c.


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