Using Zero-Valued Entries

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Zero-valued entries are those entries where a voucher entry is made without any values, i.e., one of the parameters (Qty or Rate) may not have a value but needs to updated in the records.


Zero-rated VAT or Exempt from Tax Account. You are permitted to make such an entry. The Exempt Ledger account can be viewed for all Exempt Sales.

  • The items which are given as Free Samples.

Note: Zero Valued entries are allowed only in Sales and Purchase vouchers only and are not available in Receipt, Payment vouchers and journal vouchers.

Enabling Zero Value entry

Enabling Enable zero-valued transactions in F11: Feature >  F1: Accounting Features/F2: Inventory Features.

Enable zero valued transactions

Example: Create a Sales invoice with zero-value entry.

Zero valued sales entry

In the above Snap shot you can make out that, if Item A is purchased, then Item B is free.

Even if the values are not mentioned, the quantities of Item B will be reduced from the stocks.

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