Creating Voucher Types

To create a voucher type

  1. Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounts Info. or Inventory Info. > Voucher Type > Create.

  1. Enter the Name of the voucher.

  2. Select the Select type of voucher.

  3. Enter the abbreviation in the Abbreviation field, if required.

  4. Select the required Method of voucher numbering from the Types of Numbering list.

  5. Enable Use effective dates for vouchers to enter effective dates for vouchers.

Note: Select this option if you have a transaction under consideration for overdue/ageing analysis recorded currently but will come into effect on another date. If the effective date is entered, the overdue/ageing will be considered from the effective date and not from voucher date.

  1. Enable Make this voucher type ‘Optional’ by default to set your voucher to optional voucher by default.

Note: For Memorandum and Reversing Journal voucher the option Make this voucher type ‘Optional’ by default is not available.

  1. Enable Allow narration in voucher to give a common narration for voucher.

  Voucher Types

A common narration screen for voucher appears as shown below:

common narration for voucher

  1. Enable Provide narration for each ledger in voucher ? if you want to give a separate narration for each entry of a voucher. This would be applicable for a multiple entry voucher where you want separate details for each entry.

The narrations for each entry appears as shown below:

narrations for each entry screen

For Delivery Note, Receipt Note, Sales order, Purchase order, Physical Stock, Stock Journal, Rejection In and Rejection Out, the option Provide narration for each ledger in voucher ? is not available.

  1. Enable Print voucher after saving  to print every voucher after entering it.

Note: Depending on the Type of Voucher selected to create or alter, different printing features appear in this field. For example, if you select Receipt as Type of Voucher, the option Print Formal Receipt after saving will be displayed.

  1. Set Use for POS invoicing to Yes to use the sales invoice as POS invoice.

  2. Set the Default title to print on invoice to print the same title for  POS invoice.

Note: Default print Title option will appear only in Sales Voucher Type.

  1. Select the bank in Default bank option to print the default bank ledger when the option Print Bank Details is enabled in a Sales voucher.

  2. Enter the Default jurisdiction to be printed on the invoice, if required.

  3. Create a voucher class in the Name of Class field, if required.

The completed Voucher Type Creation screen appears as shown below:

completed Voucher Type Creation screen

  1. Press Enter to save.

For more details on voucher class, see Voucher Class.

Stock Journal Voucher Type

While creating a Stock Journal Voucher Type, the option Use Manufacturing Journal is enabled.

The Voucher Type Creation screen appears as shown below:

Voucher Type Creation screen

See Creating a Bill of Material for more details.

Creating Voucher Types
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