How to create GST Tax ledger, CGST,SGST,IGST&UGST

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As we all know there are four types of taxes in GST regime. They are CGST(Central GST) & SGST(State GST) for intrastate sale or local sale.IGST ( Integrated GST) for interstate sale and UGST for sale in union terittory. In this tutorials we will learn how to create all these GST tax ledgers in tally erp 9.

GST  Tax ledger; little bit more

Local sale: As per GST Act, a registered dealer dealing with local sale or selling in the same state is required to collect CGST& SGST .

Interstate sale: Interstate sale or sales in between two states attract IGST. The registered taxable person must collect IGST through the invoice issued to the customer.

Local sale in Union Territory: Local sales in a union territory attract UGST and CGST through invoices. Union territory is a state directly under the central government governance. Hence state GST is not applicable to Union territory and UGST is applicable.

Interstate sale in Union Territory : As in other states IGST is applicable to interstate sale happening within union territory.

To create central tax (CGST)ledger under GST

  1. Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounts Info. > Ledgers > Create.

How to create cgst ledger


  1. Name: Give a name to the Central GST ledger, for example Central tax or you can Give CGST
  2. Under: Select Duties & Taxes this will bring tax ledgers option in the screen.
  3. Type od duty/tax : Select GST from the list and hit enter key, this will bring another option tax type.
  4. Tax type: Select Central tax from the list.
  5. Leave blank in the next option percentage of calculation.
  6. Rounding method : Select your option from the available options.
  7. Press Enter key or use Ctrl+A to save and create the ledger.

Creating SGST ( State GST)

To create SGST ;You have to move on the same route when creating CGST. Simply change the tax type as state tax.See below picture to get a detailed idea.

State GST (SGST) ledger creation

IGST ( Integrated GST ) Ledger  Creation

Only one type of tax is required to collect for interstate sale.That is integrated GST.Let’s see how to create IGST. The only different is tax type “integrated tax”.Here is the pictorial representation of IGST ledger creation.

how to IGST Ledger creation

UGST ( Union territory GST)  ledger creation

These option is only available if your state is a union territory,Not all union territory, Delhi and Puducherry are come under the rule of SGST as they are having own legislature.Hence SGST or state rules are applicable to Delhi & Puducherry. UGST ( Union territory GST is applicable to the following Union territory. Also make sure that you have selected the right state in the GST activation screen ( F11 Features >F3 Statutory & Taxation> Set/alter GST Details).

  1. Chandigarh
  2. Lakshwadweep
  3. Daman Diu
  4. Dadra and Nagar Haweli.
  5. Andaman and Nicobar Island

How to create UGST ( Union territory GST)

At company creation screen,You must have selected any one of the Above Union territories mentioned above.

The tax type should be selected “UT Tax”

UGST Tax ledger creation

Now we have created all four tax types under GST rules.

How to create GST Tax ledger, CGST,SGST,IGST&UGST
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