How to create Sales and Purchase Ledgers for GST Compliance

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Sales Ledger & purchase ledger  creation for GST is almost similar to normal sales ledger creation and purchase ledger creation Only some additional fields for GST are available in the screen. By naming a sales ledger you can use some tricks for easy classification. You are allowed to create more than one sales & purchase ledgers in tally erp 9. If you are dealing with a single tax rate products.Simply name the sales ledger as sales & purchase ledger as purchase. If you have products with multiple gst tax rates.Simply add the tax rate in your ledgers for example Purchase 18 % ,Purchase 28% Sales 5 % sales 12% etc.

Specify GST rates in sales Ledger

If many items have the same tax rate ,you can specify GST rates and HSN/SAC in your sales ledger.and in the same way many items you purchase have same tax rates you  can specify tax rate at purchase level.

It is possible that you can create  a single sales ledger for example “Sales” and a single “Purchase” Ledger ” even if you are having multiple GST rates for products and services. Place all sales & and purchases under this ledger .And can  specify tax rates hsn Codes at Stock item level or stock group level.


Creating a Sales Ledger for GST

To create sa sales ledger for GST compliance.

Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounts Info. > Ledgers > create 

Name: Give whatever name you want,If you are creating a unique ledger for selling 18% gst rated products then,we can name it SALES 18%. 

Under: Sales Account

Inventory values are affected : Yes

Under statutory information you will find GST related query

Is GST applicable : Applicable

Set/alter GST details: Yes , if you decided to add GST rates at ledger level. You can define GST rates at company level, stock group level, stock item level,ledger group level, and even transaction levels.Here we can define at ledger level, so Put Yes here and press enter, GST details screen will appear.

Learn more: Manging HSN SAC in tally erp 9

gst details screen

In this screen you will not find HSN/SAC ,gst tax types, to make it visible Press F12 Configure

GST details configuration

You will get the screen with all options.

GST details screen

To view the history of tax rate changes, press Alt + L.

Press enter and save the screen. you will back to ledger creation screen.

Type of supply: You can select Goods or services whatever you are dealing with.

Opening balance : Enter opening balance if any. The final gst sales ledger creation screen look like this.

GST Sales ledger creation



Creating a Purchase Ledger for GST

To create a purchase ledger for gst

Go to Gateway of tally >Accounts info> Ledger >Create

Follow the same steps to create the sales ledger above

Name: This time we can name it as “Purchase”

Under: Purchase Account

Is GST Applicable :Yes

Set/alter GST Details: Yes, Set gst rate only if all the  18 % taxed products have same HSN Code) The gst details screen will appear, enter all details as mentioned above including the rate of purchase.

gst details for purchase

HSN/SAC: Enter the HSN /SAC code for the products.

Nature of transaction: Purchase taxable.

Integrated tax: Enter the total rate, tally will automatically split the rate in to two as central tax and state tax.

Press enter and accept the screen, you will again back to ledger creation screen.

Type of supply: Goods or service 

The final screen will look like this.

GST purchase ledge creation screen shot

Save the screen

How to create Sales and Purchase Ledgers for GST Compliance
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