How to enter payment entry in tally erp 9

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Introduction to Payment Voucher

In business,we make several payments through various means like cash,cheque, RTGS,NEFT,IMPS or other online transfer methods. In manual accounting,when making a payment we prepare a voucher called payment voucher along with every payments we are making. Mostly when we use a printed format to write a payment voucher. This is called manual payment voucher. In tally erp 9 We make a payment entry in the system and take the printout of payment vouchers. Let’s see how to do payment voucher in tally erp 9.

How to access payment voucher ?

To access payment voucher in tally erp 9, go to

Gateway of Tally> Accounting Vouchers 

Then Press F5 function key from your key board or click on payment button on the right side of the screen. You will get a screen similar to this. In accounting Voucher ,The last used voucher automatically displayed.

Payment voucher screenshot

Modes of Payment voucher entry in tally erp 9

Payment voucher can be passed using Single Entry or Double Entry mode .You can activate both of these modes by  configuring the setting in tally erp 9.

To toggle between  Single Entry mode and double entry mode, Press F12 Configure button as highlighted in the payment voucher screen, the configuration settings screen will be displayed.

Payment voucher configuration

For Using single entry mode make ‘Use single entry mode for payment/receipt/contra vouchers?’ : Yes

For Using Double Entry Mode make ‘Use single entry mode for payment/receipt/contra vouchers?’ : No

Advantages and disadvantages of single entry and double entry vouchers

The above voucher is in Double Entry Mode, When using double entry mode, the operator should be aware of Debit credit rules of accounting. Which aspect is debited and which aspect is credited.. When you have multiple debits and credits in an entry double entry or voucher mode is suggested.

The beauty of single entry is that anybody without the knowledge of debit credit rules can enter the payment voucher. below is a single entry payment voucher image.

Single entry payment voucher

How to enter payment voucher in tally erp 9?

Petty cash payments like postage, conveyance, stationary are the examples of cash payments and supplier’s payment settlement through bank transfer or cheque is the example of bank payments.

Let’s enter the following cash payment examples

On 01-04-2017 ABC LTD paid the following petty payments.


Postage – 250

Staff Welfare – 200

Stationery – 400

To enter the Payment Voucher 

Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounting Vouchers

  • Select F5: Payment from the Button Bar or press F5.

This entry can be passed in single entry mode where you will be crediting the Cash Ledger only once and the payment entry can be created as shown below.

  1. Change the date by pressing F2 if required.
  2. In the Account Field select Cash account  for cash payments and select bank account for bank payments.
  3. Select the expense ledgers under particulars like conveyance ,postage etc.
  4. In amount field select amount of payments.
  5. In the narration field enter the narrations. You can opt narration for each entries through voucher type editing.
  6. Enter and accept the screen.

payment voucher entry in tally

You can enter these payment transactions individually in separate vouchers.

Payment voucher in double entry mode or voucher entry mode

Payment entry in Voucher entry mode:

Go to Gateway of Tally>Accounting Vouchers> F5 Payment

You can enter the double entry mode by changing the voucher to double entry mode or voucher mode by pressing F12 configuration and make ‘Use single entry mode for payment/receipt/contra vouchers?’ : No

You can enter multiple debits and multiple credits in this mode as shown in the below images.


Payment entry in Voucher entry mode

How to enter payment entry in tally erp 9
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